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Illuminate Your Ideas 

At Little Light, we harness the power of empathy, community, data, and cutting-edge industry insights to craft personalized curricula, trainings, and events for every organization we engage with.


We don't just listen; we amplify the voices within your team, uncovering strengths, addressing challenges, and cultivating a vibrant culture of inclusivity.

Our commitment to your success runs deep. We stand as thought partners and unwavering resources dedicated to propelling your DEIB initiatives forward.


Culture Change Initiatives 

We personally and professionally passionate about helping organizations advance their efforts to create equitable workplaces and communities. With more than 5 years as a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) firm, we've helped small to midsize nonprofits, cities, and police departments shine a light onto their areas of strength, highlight growth opportunities, and take immediate action to advance a sense of belonging. 

Little Light offers the following Cultural Change services: 

Creating a DEIB Foundation. Helping organizations develop a shared vision and understanding about DEIB in the workplace.

  • A Foundational Overview: Everything We Need To Know about DEIB.

  • Racism At Work: Call It Out and Make The Change.

  • Understanding Macro and Micro Aggressions.

Creating Cultures of Inclusion. We all say we want an inclusive workplace, but how do we actually get there? I’ll work with your team to create employee engagement opportunities that foster organization-wide inclusiveness and belonging, including:


  • Communication Skills: Leading with a mindset of inclusiveness.

  • Brand: Are We Doing The Work?

  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis.

  • People Management: Giving and Receiving Constructive and Culturally Sensitive Feedback.

Recruitment Strategy and Implementation. Whether you’re recruiting staff or volunteers, We'll partner with you to create a robust and diverse pipeline of candidates that centers equity and inclusion. 


Customized DEIB Training. Little Light can create a customized DEIB Training for your team or organization. We will work with you to make your vision a reality and craft a learning experience that balances your unique organizational needs with industry knowledge and best practices. 

Melissa Perez

Tierney’s roots are in community and he has a keen understanding of how to communicate the needs of diverse community members and clients with donors, volunteers and board members. He has a unique ability to bridge and educate constituents and stakeholders that are often viewing the community needs and philanthropic impact from disparate points of view.


Tierney has been a sounding board for me and provided direct and honest feedback and offered comprehensive solutions and advice.

Melissa Perez, Senior Consultant

Glavin Jacobson Inc.


Training & Facilitation

We offer a deep skill set as an effective communicator, bringing energy and enthusiasm to create a learning environment that is inclusive, insightful, and inspiring. We work closely with clients to plan and deliver meaningful trainings that address their unique organizational needs. 


Little Light offers the following Training and Facilitation services: 

Implicit Bias Training. Guide organizations to identify and correct implicit biases from an inclusive standpoint, leaving participants with concrete tools and skills that will help identify, mitigate, and eliminate incidences of implicit bias. 


Racial Equity Training. Establish a solid understanding of racial equity principles, exploring the historical context and current social dynamics that shape our perspectives. This foundational module lays the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of racial equity. 

Power of Privilege Training. Promotes an understanding of the history of privilege and the systems that have benefited from it. This training helps organizations identify how they may perpetuate systems of oppression -- and how to combat those systems and evolve to center inclusion and racial equity.

Cultural Relevance: Doing The Work. This two-part workshop offers a deep dive into issues of cultural relevance that may be holding your organization back. Part One focuses on how to achieve and maintain a Culturally Relevant Mindset, including scenarios and engaging group activities that create a safe space for honest, fruitful conversation. Part Two introduces tools we can all use when we encounter systems of bias, in order to create a more harmonious environment for everyone.

Inclusive Governance Practices. Foster an inclusive governance culture. Learn strategies to diversify board compositions and encourage diverse perspectives in discussions and decision making. Equip your board of directors with the tools to make decisions through an equitable lens that provides guidance on identifying relevant key performance indicators, setting realistic benchmarks, and holding the board accountable for achieving tangible diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Incorporate DEIB Best Practices. You know you want to create a team and a workplace that centers equity, but how to get there? In this workshop, I’ll guide your organization to create clear goals, roles, and relationships that empower inclusion, equity and industry best practices.

Masharika Madison

Working with Tierney is equivalent to being on an efficiently run train. His ability to set a vision, set reasonable expectations, and provide deliverables in a timely manner -- all while making the journey as smooth as possible -- is second to none.

Tierney is a clear communicator, isn't afraid to apply out of the box thinking to maximize results, and is a joy to work with!

Masharika Prejean Madison, Founder & Principal Collaborator



We understand that effective marketing goes beyond reaching a broad audience; it's about creating meaningful connections with everyone. Our service is driven by the resolute belief that marketing materials should transcend barriers, embody equity, and embrace inclusivity, allowing every individual to deeply connect with and relish your content. We hold an unwavering passion for accessible events, firmly convinced that every gathering should embrace inclusivity and deliver joy to all attendees, regardless of their abilities.

In our relentless pursuit of this vision, accessibility and inclusive communications are not mere facets of our service—they are the very soul of our mission.

Little Light offers the following Inclusive Marketing Communications services:

Inclusive Communications & Messaging: From internal communications to external campaigns, we ensure that every word aligns with a commitment to fostering understanding, amplifying diverse voices and shaping a narrative that reflects the richness unity and our individual experiences.

Inclusive Branding: We help you create a brand identity that resonates with diverse audiences, addressing the unique needs and preferences of each group.

Inclusive Programming: We curate event programs that reflect diverse perspectives, cultures, and abilities, ensuring that every participant can find something meaningful and enjoyable.

Accessibility Consultation: Our team provides consultation services to identify and address accessibility gaps in your current marketing strategy and event production, helping you create a more inclusive approach and equitable experience for your audience. We carefully select venues that meet accessibility standards, ensuring wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and sufficient space for maneuvering mobility aids.


Hiring Little Light was of the best leadership decisions we ever made. At a time when we were searching for how to connect our values with our actions he guided us with expertise and care.


Our team is stronger because of his contributions, and that means our clients are even better served. 

Jennie Winton, Founding Partner & Leadership Coach

Mission Minded

Comms & Events

Inclusive Marketing Communications & Events

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