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This Little Light is Yours…

We’ve all heard the phrase “don't let anyone dim your light.” But often, we are guilty of dimming our own light.

When we are going through periods of stress or uncertainty, we tend to dim our own light to not bring attention to ourselves. We dim it because we don't want to show our full capabilities. We dim it because sometimes it’s just easier to turn it off than to shine as bright as we know we should. The worst thing we can do is dim our light.

What if I told you, your light does not solely belong to you? That your light was actually given to you in order for you to spread it around and provide others with their own light… Your light is a gift to help others find their light and shine bright. When we are all collectively shining, our presence cannot be denied. Our gifts cannot be denied.

Our light can be seen from the farthest distance. So when you feel like turning off the switch, remember your light has a purpose. A purpose to amplify you and everyone around you.

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